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  Explosion protection and fire-extinguishing system for transformers

JSC “Specialus montažas – NTP” is the official representative of French company SERGI specializing in development and production of explosion protection and fire-extinguishing systems for oil transformers with the capacity under 1000 МVА  and higher, as well as for on on-load tap chargers and oil bushing cable boxes.


Currently, the system TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) represents the only solution against explosion on transformers.


During short-circuit failure the system TP activates within milliseconds under the influence of the first dynamic peak pressure shock wave, preventing explosions on transformers up to static pressure increase.


It allows:

- to depressurize the tank within milliseconds;
- not to get in contact of evacuating explosive gases (hydrogen, ethine, etc.) with air (oxygen);
- to separate gases from oil;
- to lead away explosive gases to safe distance from transformer;
- to displace flammable gases from transformer by nitrogen injection to the tank and other adjacent equipment;
- to secure the transformer quickly for further repair process after short-circuit failure.


  Service centre OJSC “Power machines”

In spring 2009 an agreement to establish service centre OJSC “Power Machines” at JSC “Specialus montažas-NTP” was signed for the purpose of provision of services and direct supply of equipment of OJSC “Power Machines”.

“Power Machines” Company is the leading Russian manufacturer and supplier of complex decisions in the field of power engineering. It was established in 2000 and united technological, production and intellectual resources of the world famous Russian enterprises: Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod, Electrosila and other.

Our company as an official representative of OJSC “Power Machines” is willing to offer services in the field of delivery of spare parts, technical production, service maintenance and modernization of aggregates (turbines and generators) manufactured by “Power machines”.


  JSC “Specialus montažas-NTP” is an official representative of OJSC “Turboatom” on the territory Baltic States, Poland and Bulgaria

OJSC “Turboatom” is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative turbines for nuclear, heat and hydraulic power plants. 


The company has an international certificate of Quality Management System compliance with ISO 9001:2000 standard requirements.


The enterprise is specialized in production of steam turbines for:

- Thermal Power Plants (TPP);

- Nuclear power Plants (NPP) and Thermal Heat and power Plants (HPP);

- Hydro turbines for hydroelectric power plants (HPP) and Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plants (HPSPP);

- Gas turbines and и combined-cycle plats (CCP) for Thermal Power Plants 

- Other power equipment.


Production capabilities allow producing steam and hydraulic turbines of general estimated output accordingly 8 mln. kW and 2 mln. kW per year.

Production of turbines is carried out over one cycle: from project – design and research scientific work to manufacturing, assembly, testing of turbines and their shipment.

More than 260 steam turbines of total power over 60 mln. kW are manufactured for thermal power plants, 55 turbines  for 16 TPP abroad.

169 turbines of total power over 60 mln. kW are manufactured for 24 NPPs, 40 turbines of them for 7 NPPs of the far abroad.


  Digital excitation, control and protection systems for generators and synchronous motors of any type

JSC "Specialus montažas-NTP" is the official representative of French company Basler Electric within the territory of Baltic countries.


Basler Electric company was established in 1946 and for 60 years it has been the pioneer in development and production of digital excitation, control and protection systems for generators and synchronous motors of any type.


It was the first company which used digital regulation devices for industrial generators in 1990-s, and since then the company has developed the set of controllers with microprocessor excitation system of the fifth generation.


As the official representatives of French company Basler Electric we provide the following services:

- Supply, modernization and installation of excitation, control and protection systems for generators and synchronous motors.

- Setup and testing of excitation, control and protection systems. 

- Warranty and post-warranty service

- Maintenance staff training

- Technical assistance on equipment selection


  Water and other liquids filtering system

JSC ”Specialus montažas – NTP” is an official representative of German company “Taprogge” which designes and produces unique water and other liquids filtering systems. The major products of Taprogge are ball cleaning system of cooling water condenser pipes, primary filtering systems, water withdrawal system with air cleaning   “TAPIS”.


Primary water filtering system

Filter PR-BW 100 / PR-BW 800 – filter with back washing automatic system for large size contamination and other matters removal from liquids without stream interrupting. The number of produced filers covers a rate in range from 64 to 5.000 m3/h (PR-BW 100), and even more 100.000 m3/h (PR-BW 800), and with the filtration level from 1-9 mm (PR-BW 100) and from 5 to 9 mm (PR-BW 800). High system performance of back washing as a part of basic washing technology, made this filter a reliable tool in low and medium level water systems usage especially, when placing in space-limited conditions. 


Water withdrawal system with air cleaning

TAPIS® system – comes an important boundary in production process of powerful water withdrawal systems that do not influence the environment negatively. TAPIS® system unites functions of traditional multistage systems of primary cleaning in one-and-only stage system. It helps to reduce the building expenses. TAPIS® system is fully inserted into diversion chamber system. As a result, there is no more need to remove contamination. It allows reducing constantly rising costs on harmless for the environment waste removal.


Ball cleaning system

Sponge rubber balls TAPROGGE form the process-technological basis for cooling tube cleaning systems. Various cooling tube substances cause respective typical contamination, scaling, and also have corrosive effect. The cleaning ball’s composition and choice of coating type are orientated to target the abovementioned side-effects. The following practical example is set to show the way the correct choice of balls and operative conditions optimization translates into thermal and financial gain:

At an electric power plant with the turbine power capacity 300 Mw at 6000 hrs yearly basic load, at 1% increase in the turbine power with the electro energy costs from 0.03 Eu per Kw/hr, the yearly savings will be around 540 000 Eu.  In case of less than optimal ball choice the increase in the turbine power will reach only 0.9% and, consequently, the yearly savings will come up at 486 000 Eu which creates a difference of 54 000 Eu compared to the optimal parameters choice situation. Conclusion: optimal ball choice can help augment profits by millions (depending on the power plant lifetime).


  Aerosol filters

JSC “Specialus montazas-NTP” is the only official and exclusive representative of the JSC “Ekast” („Ecology of Nuclear Power Plants“).

JSC “EKast” is an assignee of the former Soviet Union factory JSC “Dvigatel” under the Ministry of middle-scale machine-building industry. JSC “Ekast” together with JSC “Dvigatel” produce a great variety of radiation safety production for chemical water treatment and gas treatment facilities of the Nuclear industrial objects.

We offer our Clients their most recent development -  aerosol filter Д33-И (with iodine phase), which is successfully used at Ignalina NPP in the RAWTF (radioactive waste treatment facility, PRD, building No. 150) in special air cleaning exhaust plants. Filters protect the environment from the release of radioiodine 131 and other radioactive inert gases into the atmosphere. Currently INPP have achieved a 99.57% level of air purification.    

In addition, we provide the following services:   

- supply of aerosol filters type Д13, Д-23, Fartos Ц-500 with iodine phase of cleaning that are used in the nuclear power industry in Lithuania, Ukraine and the Russian Federation;

- supply of aerosol filters type Д-23, А-17, Fartos Ц-500, ПФТС-500, and other products


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